Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aggravating Neighbor

One of my big frustrations with where we currently live is that it is a town home complex. This means that we have a lot of neighbors really close to us. Not always a bad thing, but at times it can be extremely frustrating. For instance, this afternoon I got Nathan down to sleep and then put him in his bed where he was dozing off quite comfortably...only to come downstairs (to tidy up) and have the neighbor behind us start banging on his porch with a freaking hammer!!! Really Loudly! Arrrggghhh!!!!! Whattya know, I hear Nathan moaning upstairs not 5 seconds later and boom his nap is over. And he NEEDS a nap, especially today. We had a long and busy morning and he needs to have his sleep to be able to recover properly. I've learned this with him. He can survive without one, but it is NOT a pretty picture AT ALL. He is not one of these kids who can take it or leave it. No nap means a crab at night who screams and cry's and yells about everything. Why? Because he's TIRED!!! So to have spent extra effort on assuring a good nap today only to have it so loudly and abruptly ended is really really really aggravating!!! Now, not only do I not get a break this afternoon from the land of toddlerville. I also do not get to tidy up my mess of a house and then I have to brace myself for a potentially REALLY long and frustrating evening trying to keep him calm and not have him overwhelm us too much with his bad attitude. Urksome indeed!!

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