Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here I Am

So, I have finally decided that it is time I start a blog. I need a place to be able to "chat" and thought I would try this on for size. In the days to come, I hope to find this a place I can freely write about what I am thinking and about some specific things that I need to work on in my life (hopefully with some support from others).

For now, I will start with a little "talk" about the sermon this morning. Pastor Rob talked out of Acts 2-4 this morning at it was really encouraging. For those who don't know, we are part of a church plant and it was really neat to hear him talk about his vision for what he wants from our church. Not the same-old stuff, which I found really exciting. I ran into a girl I had a couple classes with at the seminary several years ago and it was really neat to re-connect with her. Don't you just love God-connections like that?! The biggest excitement for me from this morning though was the chance we might have of renting some office space to have a place to meet during the week to have MOPS meetings or Bible Studies. How much I hope that happens!! I am in desperate need of some good Godly fellowship with other women who are in the middle of life and struggling through it like I am. I need REAL women around me. People I can tell about my bad days and not get judged for having them (or more-to-the-point for talking about them). Anyways, I really hope I am able to find that soon, cause I really need it.

Speaking of struggling, I had some nasty stuff going on in my head this weekend. I went shopping on Saturday, and let's just say that I am my own worst enemy. Talk about depressing...I HATE shopping for new clothes right now. Total disaster and a minefield in my mind and heart. I am not very nice to me and boy do I get blasted from the enemy for it!! But I am determined to actually do something about it this time around, instead of just wallowing in self-pity. Hence, one of the reasons I have really decided to start this blog. I need accountability and a place to vent. So, in the weeks to come I hope to be able to ask for support and also for some help getting myself back in shape and losing some serious weight off this body!! My temple is is serious need of some repair and it is about time that I rise to the task and work on it.

Thanks for "listening"!!


  1. Shopping sucks!
    Glad you started your blog!

  2. You have a blog now! Oh, I am so excited. :)

    Listen, my temple is in need of some serious repair as well... and on a universal scale. I will happily be your partner in this.


  3. Welcome to blog land!! I will add you to my blog roll!



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