Monday, March 9, 2009

Moms need playdates, too!!

So, I just got back from a really fun-filled morning with a fellow MOPS mom and her two kiddos. We have been wanting to get together for a while and finally decided to set something "in stone" for this Monday morning and it was great!!

We got over there a bit late, because Nathan sometimes wants to have epic battles-of-the-will over going potty (in a timely, non-dawdling, let's do it in less than 25 minutes this time because we get really distracted with any and everything) and other things too like getting ready to go out (shoes, sweater, etc.). So, we get over there and I apologized for being late, which she said was fine cause it gave her more time to get herself organized and to finish the food she was cooking (which was delicious, btw). I LOVE hanging out with other moms of young children- for that reason alone. They totally understand being late for things and don't generally care too much and it is such a relief to not have to feel really guilty about it. Whew!!

So, we get in the house and Nathan is, understandably, a little unsure of what to do or what is going on because we have never been over here before and so he spends a few minutes just checking things out. Lisa has 2 children: Noah is a couple years older than Nathan and Rachel is a little more than a year younger than Nathan. So, we are all introduced and Nathan starts checking things out while Noah starts telling me all about his favorite thing right now which is Star Wars-very cool indeed!!

We get the kids settled down for a little snack and try to go into the other room for some grown-up time...ha!!! Yeah, don't kids always have different plans than us?! Needless to say, the separation of moms and tots was not extremely successful, even though they have a playroom in the basement that is stocked with toys and a to-die-for fun room!!! Nathan was not having it to be away from me for long, so we had to do our best to keep them entertained while also getting in some much-needed mom-talk.

Lisa showed me her juicer and also told me about her plans for a garden and her worm-composter. So cool!! I definitely want to get a juicer for myself to get some more yummy healthiness into my growing child! I was also told about hanging tomato plants and how they are much better for avoiding bugs and such...I will definitely have to check into this. It's so great to find someone around here that shares my love of gardening and plants and I look forward to learning a lot of cool stuff from her about it!

Oh, we also made some chocolate-covered strawberries while we were hanging, total yum!! I consider the morning a COMPLETE success for that alone!!

I did tell her that Nathan will get better about being off without me around if we keep going over there regularly, so hopefully that will continue to happen!! I really think it could be a learning experience for him on how to share and also how to be gentle with the younger baby and not to be so rough all the time...all very good things to teach a young boy!!

So, all in all a very fun morning for us and I just wanted to say thanks Lisa for inviting us over to your lovely home and letting us share a fun-filled morning with you and your kids. I look forward to many more playdates (and we can bring the kids along if we have to!!). See you at MOPS soon...

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  1. I have become really close to one Thain's friend's mom. We have playdates at least once a week. And sometimes for no other reason than we need another adult to talk to! We love playdates! I am so glad you found another mommy!



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