Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Turn For The...Better?

So, I had quite a bit of drama tonight. Things were just chugging along as usual. Fraser was in the basement chatting with some programmers to find answers to some questions he had about his software. Nathan and I were going to watch some of his favorite movie (Cars) before putting him down for the night. I was getting ready to look through the grocery store circulars to figure out what was on sale to buy for the week. I had Nathan go potty and then I was going to clean that up. Well, we had run out of Clorox wipes on the main level, so I ran upstairs to get some. I never made it back down...well, in one piece I mean...

Stairs, darkness, toys...twist, pop, down for the count. Need I say more?! I stepped off of the top step onto the landing, and twisted my ankle on a toy which rolled right out from under me and took my ankle with it. Um, OUCH!!!!! I fell into the wall and ended up on the landing, in shock and reeling from the sudden onset of pain emanating from my now-throbbing ankle. Again, OUCH!! So, I rocked back and forth for a minute, crying and praying. Then, I tried to stand on it. That did not work very well at all, so I crawled over to our phone in the bedroom and tried to page Fraser in the basement, twice, unsuccessfully. So, I crawled back over to the stairs and scooted down them on my butt, got a confused look from Nathan who then went right back to his movie and then I crawled over to the top of the basement stairs. I called to Fraser, interrupting his phone call and I told him that I needed him. He got off the phone and came right up. I cried/told him what had happened and he called to see if we could get someone to watch Nathan while we got it checked out. No such luck, so we hopped (literally, for me) into the car and went to the Urgent Care center down the road.

We got there and I got into a wheelchair and went into the center. Fraser parked the car and brought Nathan in while I was filling out paperwork (as if I can think coherently or write clearly for shaking from the shock!!-but whatever it takes to get seen). They took me back and got my vitals/history, all the while my ankle is throbbing and I am having to focus on the words spoken to me and not the pain. The doc finally came in and gave me a quick exam. He didn't think it was broken, cause I could move it mostly without pain. We got x-rays just in case and he said there were no fractures he could see. Great news, doc...praise the Lord!! I had been sitting in there wondering what the heck I was going to do if I had to get a cast or something for taking care of Nathan...

So, they wrapped it up, he gave me a prescription and (unceremoniously, if I do say so myself) sent me on my way. When I got to the waiting area it turned out the Granny Jean had made it (thank you so much!!) so we had an extra set of hands to help with Nathan (poor kid seemed so confused). He made me cry when I got wheeled back to the room by myself (without him) and he had the saddest expression ever on his poor little face, wondering why he couldn't go with mommy. But, daddy was there to play with him and explain what was going on so he was alright. He got to sit in my lap while they wheeled me back out to our car, and seemed very content to do that, and happy to have me back (which is always a nice feeling).

So, we got home and Fraser got him ready for bed. He came down to me on the couch for his goodnight songs (You Are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me-which he sings to and it is absoultely ADORABLE!!). I said goodnight, gave him his kiss and sent him off the bed with Dad, who then came down the stairs and I immediately asked for some drugs from him. Jean stayed for a bit and we chatted, then she made us kick her out so she could go home!! ;)

And now here I am, ankle propped up on a makeshift pillow, drugs taking a very small amount of pain away wondering at how such a small instant of time can create such turmoil. You know, for me it goes back to how lucky (and grateful) I am to have my relatively good health. I mean, I have my ups and downs, just like everybody. But overall, I am in a good place for being able to take care of myself and my family with relative ease. It just makes me so grateful for all the God has blessed me with, including a body that has taken very good care of me over the years.

This is just another affirmation to me that I need to return the favor. I need to start treating my body with more respect and help it to heal/work better by paying more attention to what I put in it/take out of it. I know there are gong to be things that happen that are out of my control, like tonight, but it is a good reminder to be more intentional about how I treat my body. I am responsible for me. I cannot rely on anyone else to make the day-to-day decisions for me and that thought is very sobering to me. There is no one to blame, but myself. There is also no one to succeed, but me!

So, for now I am off to try and get some rest and begin the recovery process. Of course it had to be my right ankle, so I will be housebound for a while. Hopefully not too long, but as long as it feels like it does right now...driving ain't gonna happen for me!!

I just need to find the balance between nursing my ankle back to health/caring for my son/not taking it too easy and making more of a mess than there really should be. Fraser has already arranged to take tomorrow off to help me get my prescription, ankle brace and to help take care of Nathan. I am so grateful to him for that. I don't know how I would manage otherwise.

I would appreciate any prayers you might direct my way for healing, wisdom, strength and patience to get through the next few days/weeks.

Thanks, and good night!!


  1. Oh bless your heart. :( I hate to say this because I am super happy that you do not have any broken bones, but just know that sometimes sprains take longer to heal. I'm praying for you, honey.



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