Saturday, May 30, 2009

Done In

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you have nothing left to give? I've been having one of those weeks.

We have had company in town since last Thursday and I am so worn down I don't even know if I will be able to get a jump start to get going again!!

My "diet" and exercise program have gone completely out the window this week and it is KILLING me!!! I feel horrible. We have been eating crap all week and I can tell that I am just not feeling like myself because of it. I guess the good part of that statement is that it means my body was liking eating better and I have done enough to know now when I am eating like crap.

I managed to get up a couple times at the beginning of the week, but after a few late nights and some interrupted sleep, that got put on hold, too. Ugh!!!

For those who do not know, I am an Introvert. I need space. I need solace. I CRAVE time alone. That has not happened AT ALL this week and I am suffering because of it. I even went so far today as to lock the bathroom door for 3 minutes so my son couldn't come in trying to talk to me. I am DESPERATE for a break and the chance for things to get back to "normal."

The hard thing is that I know our guest has needed the break and the chance to come and spend time with us away from his "normal" right now. He has had some rough breaks this year and we extended the invitation for him to come earlier than his proposed trip in the Fall. I keep having to remind myself that God is using this break to minister to him and that we are part of that. I keep having to tell myself to out my needs aside to be useful and helpful for a short time. But, to be totally honest, it's been really hard. And, I am ready to have my house back.

For those who are following my journey, I gained .8 pounds this week, which I find to be an accomplishment given the crap we have eaten this week. Our guest will be leaving on Monday night, so this week I WILL get back to it!!

If you feel so inclined, I'd love some prayers for strength to get through this final stretch and to not "kill" anyone in this house in the process!! lol

Otherwise, I will be in touch soon with better results!!


  1. Hey girl,

    Praying for you!!! I feel your pain - I just came off of two weeks of constant company, and as nice as it is to see folks it is extra nice to get your home back and have some you time. I locked myself in my room for three days after they all left!! It's hard, but life WILL get back to normal. This is just a speed bump - they happen, and rough as they are, they pass. Praying for you and looking forward to the other side of this bump with you. :) As a good friend once said, "No waves, no ride!" ;)

    Love you,

  2. I get it, totally! I need my alone time, and don't do well when company is at our house. Like, as much as I LOVE Rick's family, it is hard if they stay more than 3 days. I don't like having to make friendly conversation, sometimes I am grouchy, and I don't like having to put on a bra every time I walk out of my bedroom. But I still love them! LOL .8 sounds great with eating crappy for a week! I gained 3 in Las Vegas, and that was only 4 days! We are still rockin' We will have ups and downs, but I pray for your journey everynight as I pray for mine.. For strength, patience, and continued motivation. I am so proud of us for sticking with this even when it is hard! Love you girl!



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