Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Line in the Sand

OK folks, so here it is… I have been talking about needing/wanting to lose weight for, well, forever. And, I am now officially sick and tired of putting it off and coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why I cannot get this excess weight off. So, I am officially drawing my line in the sand. Done. Stepping over it…and I will NOT look back.

I have figured out that one of my biggest struggles in this area is that I do not have enough accountability to keep me on-board with what I need to do. So, here is where I would like to ask for your help. I need to know that there are people out there who love me that will be able to keep up/read up on my progress.

I want to start sending out a weekly “report card” that will track my progress. I need to have the accountability to know at least one person will read it and know what I have been doing that week to lose weight.

This will be a work in progress as I decide how/what I will write in these reports, so it might be a little “kinky” (lol) for a few weeks. For now, my plan is to track what I eat. I don’t know how yet (I’m looking into a couple suggestions I’ve gotten from friends), but I plan to have some kind of food diary to keep track of my food intake. I probably will not share everything that I eat every week in my reports as I think it will be WAY too much information that most people won’t care to read weekly. I think I will probably just write a bit as to how I felt about what I ate during the week. If that does not prove to be enough accountability to keep me on the straight and narrow, then I will write in more detail about my food intake.

Another part of what I want to write in my “progress reports” is about my exercise regimen. I know that I need to greatly increase my exercise regimen and I will write about what I have been doing for exercise during the week.

In short, I need to know that I can have some built-in accountability and support when I write these weekly progress reports. I would welcome feedback, so long as it is done/written with love. I don’t want any haters right now, please. I do enough hatin’ on myself in this area of my life, so I do not need to have that right now as I am trying to get into better habits and lifestyle changes.

I will post these reports on my blog and will also post a link to my blog on facebook (for those who do not have a blog). I appreciate your time and support and look forward to creating an accountability group to help support me as I work on becoming more healthy!!

God Bless!!

Liz <><


  1. Hey love! I sent you an event on fb that may help you, it's helping me:) Oh and weight watchers is the bomb! It makes you track and everything. I highly recommend it!I am on this journey too and I know how hard it can be. I hope that you have all the success in the world!

  2. Maybe you can help me get motivated too!!!!! I will do what I can to help!

  3. I have been using Calorie King for 4 years now and love it. It does cost $60 a year or so, but I really think it is worth it. I bet that have some kind of free trial or something.



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