Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Milk?

I have decided that I want to try a dairy-free diet for the next month. Gulp. The main reason is that I have a suspicion that I have become lactose-intolerant. I know that it runs in my family, and I have noticed some of the "signs" in myself over the past several years. Grrr.

My plan is to go cold turkey and try and have at least 90% of my diet be completely dairy-free. As I have been preparing for this shift over the weekend, I have been quite shocked about how much of our American diet has milk or milk products "hidden" inside. I am going to have to learn all the lingo for all the words that are used to describe milk products. Geesh.

Of course, I have had some training in this, because my Scottish Mummy (my mother-in-law) has an allergy to corn. That amounts to about ten different "ingredients" that need to be looked for. So, I have some experience in learning to carefully read labels and in researching all the "names" for an ingredient.

In spite of previous experience, I think this could be quite the challenge. But, my hope is that I will know by the end of this month whether or not I have lactose intolerance. If I do, I will then have to try and figure out how severe it is. I have read that there is a wide range of intolerance, some people can have yogurt and cheese and others can even have a small amount of milk. I would also need to find out if I can take Lactaid when I have dairy, and see if that is sufficient.

Lots of questions still to come, and I hope I can have the discipline to stick with this for a month, because I think I need that long to really know if I am feeling better or not.

Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Kindness of a Stranger

So, Nathan has a Valentine's Day party at his preschool this morning. One of the things he received was a shiny red heart-shaped balloon!!! Now, if any of you know my son, you know how much he LOVES balloons. Well, I tried to have him tie the balloon on his wrist (to NO avail), so I had an inkling the balloon might be lost to the sky. Well, we made it to the car, left it there during lunch, and also left it in the car during afternoon preschool.

Then, we drove home after school.

I tried again (to NO avail) to have him let me tie the balloon on his wrist. Well, he was not fully out of the car before a gust of wind blew his nice shiny red heart-shaped balloon right out from his grasp. We said good-bye to the balloon. But, then I noticed that the balloon had been "caught" by a tree about 20 feet from our car. So, I showed it to Nathan and he then proceeded to request that I get the balloon back for him. Oh boy...

Well, it was too high for me to reach by hand, so I went into the house and got a broom. Sadly, no matter how ard I tried to reach for it, I just couldn't get it. Just as I was about to give up, a car stopped in front of the tree and a man asked if he could help me. "Yes!!! That would be great!!" So, he came over and we managed to work with the broom and his height and we disentangled the balloon from the tree, without popping it!!!

So, the kindness of a stranger helped save my son's shiny red heart-shaped balloon from the neighbor's tree. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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