Monday, March 14, 2011

Less is Better

We have decided to put our house on the market at the end of this month (March). We have outgrown our current town home and want to get into a larger home while the market is still historically low. I want a yard for a garden and a safe place for Nathan to run around in. Fraser wants an office. So, we are preparing the house for selling.

One of the things we have done in preparation for getting this place ready to sell is that we have taken a lot of extra stuff from various closets/storage areas and have rented a storage unit to get it out of the house. I have also made half a dozen Goodwill runs in the past few months (since we decided we wanted to sell in the spring) and cleared a bunch of stuff out that way, too.

We've lived in this home for almost 7 years, and we have also had a child in that time. So, you can well imagine the amount of "stuff" we have managed to accumulate. WAY to much!!! And, for those who know me, I can be a bit of a neat freak. I like things to be in their place and for order to ensue in my home. Granted, since I became a Mom, I have lost some of that drive for perfection, but I will still readily confess that clutter makes me insane at times. Literally. I get really stressed and have to go on a de-cluttering spree to get everything back where it should be. Once that is able to happen, I can literally feel my stress level decrease. Might seem crazy, but that is just the way I am wired I guess.

So, we have been busting at the seams here for a couple years and it has been driving me crazy!! Kids have a lot of stuff don't they!? They are the smallest members of our families, but they have a lot of things. Mostly toys. I have culled out a lot of Nathan's old clothes/toys over the past year, but there is still some stuff I am not ready to part with, so we have a lot of stuff.

I started pulling stuff out of storage/closets a couple weeks ago in preparation for getting the storage unit and I was shocked at how much there was total. Much more than I thought there would be. Fraser took a day off of work last week and we got a small moving truck from the storage place (how handy was that?!?), loaded it up with our excess and removed it from the premises. Happy Day!!!!!

I was a bit concerned that the little 5x10 space we rented wouldn't hold it all, but it did (except for a couple of Nathan's larger toys, which are now being stored at Granny's). We've even taken a couple more trips out there with more of our stuff and it has been awesome! Especially in the kitchen. To have fewer dishes and cups has meant it is easier to stay on top of dishes (you have to, or nothing to eat on). It's also been nice to have Nathan's toys be confined to his bedroom and a drawer in the basement. The main level is being declared a toy-free zone for while we are trying to sell. Now, that I am LOVING!!! I know, I know, I sound like a horrible Mom, right? Trust me, there are PLENTY of toys still in this house. I have just done a good job hiding/disguising them.

I have been so please with the amount of space we have regained in this place. It has been so calming to me to not just look everywhere and see STUFF. I have to say, taking our photos down will be a bit sad, but I am hoping it will really start to help make this place feel less like our home and more like a house. Get my heart better prepared to leave well.

We still have a few minor things we need to do around the place before it is officially ready to sell, but I can definitely see the end of the tunnel now and I am getting STOKED!!!

This whole process of de-cluttering has made me wonder if I even want all that stuff back form our storage area. Some of it we will keep, but I don't think we really need everything back. For one, what am I supposed to do with three boxes of binder from Seminary? I think I am going to be very careful when I unpack everything and really evaluate how much of it we actually use/need.

Suffice it to say, I have learned a valuable lesson in all of this. Too much stuff is mostly a bad thing. In a case like this, less is better.

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