Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: A Resolution

So, we are a few days into 2012 already (can you believe that?!?!) and I have been thinking long and hard about what (if anything) I wanted to have as a resolution for this year.

Most years, I resolve to lose weight, or eat healthier or something like that. This year, since I just had a baby mere weeks ago and I will be nursing her most (or even all) of this year, I decided to take a break from the deprivation that often comes with a resolution like this. Granted, I will still focus on healthy eating, as it will be very beneficial for me and Rachel, but I will not put pressure around it by making it my resolution.

I did still want to have a goal for this year, so I had to think about what it was that I wanted to get better at/do more/get focused on. And you are looking at/reading it.

I want to blog more. It's something I've played around with for a while, but never been too serious/consistent with. This year, I resolve to change that. I want to make this blog more personal. More fun/creative. Document our fun family activities. Write down more of my thoughts on things.

Here we go!!

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