Friday, June 1, 2012

Here's to a great summer

So, I have learned quite a few lessons here in the last five months.

One is: making any kind of resolution with a new baby on board is pretty much hogwash. Ha ha ha!!! Things here have been quite the roller coaster, and I would like to share more about that at a later date. For now, I will just give a quick update for where things are at the moment.

Nathan is officially in 1st Grade now!! Oh my goodness, how did that happen so quickly!? He finished Kindergarden a couple weeks ago and has been enjoying spending lots of time outside playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. Reminds me a lot of how I spent my summers: outdoors!! Love this!!! 

Rachel is now 6 months old!! She has done a ton of growing (90th percentile for height; 80th for weight!!). She is such a social little creature, talks your head off already if you will let her. :-) She is gonna have a lot to say, when she is able!! She is very curious about everything around her and HATES to be left alone anywhere. She's sitting up on her own and turning over. She has started showing signs that crawling is not too far off. Mercy me!!

We are still in our little town home, but we are finally getting around to doing some much-needed upgrades. As I write, the workers are pounding in the new hardwood floor on the main level. It looks awesome!! We are trying to see if we can find renters, but if we can't we will stick it out until next spring.

We have no big plans for the summer. Maybe some camping, going to Crested Butte a couple times. I'd love to try and get to TX sometime, but I don't know if that will happen this year. We'll see!!

Well, the kids are hungry, so I gotta go.

Happy Summer, Y'all!!! :-)


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