Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Year, Another Baby

So, apparently, it's been about a year since I last posted anything one here.


Needless to say, the past year has not been boring. ..

Last September we found out that we were expecting another baby (when we still had a 10-month old). Surprise!!

We also (FINALLY!!!) sold our town-home and moved into a single-family house (with a yard!!) at the end of September. We LOVE our new house (especially the FOUR bedrooms - double what we had in the town-home). We are really pleased with the extra space, both inside and outside. We're also really enjoying the garage (especially in the winter - no more clearing off snow, yay!!).

We sold my car and got a new vehicle (a fully-loaded minivan) that would fit three kids and have room for a couple guests, as needed. Though I am still not a favor of being a mini-van mom, it has been a great car with three young children and has been exactly what we need right now. We even took the new car to TX for a test drive and it was a champ (and so were the kids, which was great).

Nathan changed schools and started going to the elementary school our new neighborhood filters into. He was a bit apprehensive at first, but warmed up to it really quickly (thank goodness). He has come so far in his schooling this year, and I am so proud of our big boy. He has caught up with his reading and no longer needs assistance and also no longer needs to have any more speech therapy. Yay!!

Our second baby girl, Abigail Grace, was born May 1 of this year. She was super comfortable inside Mommy and decided that she wasn't ready to join the rest of us by April 18 (her due date). She also decided that she did not want to share a birth month with me and waited until May to come (little stinker, lol!!). We (I) actually decided to give her an eviction notice on the 1st. Things were a bit crazy, but we won't get into that just now. Suffice it to say, she's here safe and sound.

We are all doing well and adjusting to the chaos and joy of life as a family of five. Nathan is done with school, so we are now officially on summer break. I suspect it will be a quiet one, but we will still have fun, no doubt! So, that about sums it up for the past year here. Never a dull moment, right?! :-)

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