Sunday, June 30, 2013

SOP, weeks 3-5

A couple weeks ago I tried a recipe...

Mine did not end up looking like these. They still looked like raw potatoes, but they were cooked (soft), so we did eat them still. I will not be making these again.

I also tried making these:


 These are very similar to the no-bake stovetop cookies I've been making for year, only they are much healthier (the first ingredient is not 2 cups of sugar, for instance)!! I will DEFINITELY be making these again (and again...). :-)

I also tried this today:

 Mine did not "whip up" like this. I'm not sure if it is my mixer, or the fit of the whip inside the mixer. The coconut oil just seemed to get pushed up the side of the bowl and stayed there. I kept scraping it off the sides and back down and it eventually did soften up, but never looked like the picture. I even read some of the comments and took their advice (many said that it will not work unless the oil is cold), put the mixture and bowl in the refrigerator for a while and tried again. It still just softened it. 

HOWEVER!!!!!! I have used coconut oil before as a moisturizer (straight from the jar) and it is DIVINE. I might try using a hand held mixer next time to see if I can get better control of the mixing and see if that will get it to whip up better.

Bottom line...coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer (especially in the dry climate here in Colorado in the winter -torturous on skin, let me tell you!). I'm going to try a couple other times to see if I can get the oil to whip up better. Even if I can't, I will still use the oil as a moisturizer. I very highly recommend it!!! :-)

So, these are the latest Pinterest experiments. I hope you are trying some of your pins out, too!!

Happy experimenting!!

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